How It Works

The Home & Decor Depot is the Club Everyone is Talking About! Our Members Enjoy High Quality Home & Decor Products that can be Financed With Our H&D Depot Club Credit Account!!

Claim Your H&D Depot Membership Credit Account
In 3 Easy Steps

Step 1
Start Shopping!!!

YES Start Shopping, placing a minimum order of $150 and Adding The H&D Membership to your cart in your Shopping Cart is needed in order to join the H&D Depot Club and have access to your Credit Account.

Step 2
At CheckOut

Once Checking out you will fill out your Application and be Given Immediate Approval for $5,000.00. We Finance 50% of Your Purchase and the other 50% is paid by you due at checkout.

Step 3
H&D Depot Club Credit Account

There will be a one time $150 Club fee once approved and a Yearly Renewal of $99.99. Your Private Portal will be created where you will get payment statement and you can ESign your paperwork before your Items are shipped out.

Join the Club!! Get an Immediate Approval of $5,000.00 Of Revolving Store Credit

When You Join H&D Depot Club Membership It Comes With Amazing Benefits!!

Easy Approval

Easy Approval even if you have Bad Credit!

Immediate Approval

Get Immediate Approval For Up to $5,000.00 of Unsecured Revolving Credit!!

Build Your Credit

Build and Enhance Your Credit while Making your Home Look & Feel Great.

The Blue Label Brands Family Network

Your H&D Depot Membership also will open doors to our other sister Stores were you can Use or Apply for additional Membership Credit Account

How to Qualify for A H&D Depot Club Credit Account!!

(A) Yes, we report your available line of credit and balance to the credit bureaus monthly.

 IMPORTANT In order for your account to be complete and reporting, the annual membership fee and any applicable down payments must be paid and your contract must be signed. Your order must be delivered by 2pm CST the last business day of the month for your account to be complete

(A) Yes, The H&D Depot under Blue Label Financial will pull a hard inquiry from one of the three major credit bureaus to verify your identity and credit worthiness.

*** NOTE ***
If an inquiry is disputed for any reason, the credit account will be immediately closed on all three credit bureaus and the balance owed will be immediately due. If the balance is not paid in full, the amount can and will be reported as a closed and a charged off account after 180 days. Should you have any questions in regards to an inquiry for credit worthiness, please contact The H&D Depot.

(A) Yes, The H&D Depot does have an annual fee on the date of application. The H&D Depot will email you 7 days prior to your annual fee being due. The annual fee will be auto-charged to the card on file. Non payment of annual fee can result in account closure. The Fee is $99.99.

A) No, once an account has been closed we can not reopen the account. A new credit application and account will need to be established.

Your must log into your account using your username and password to be able to view or download your statement. Statements are updated monthly so please check your account. Your payments will be processed with the card on file on the due date provided in your statement. It is important that you always pay on time. You may pay your bill at any time online by logging into your account at

(Q) When is my first payment due?
(A) Your statement will reflect the actual due date or you can check your balance and pay your bill online. Payments will be processed with the card on file on the due date.

(Q) How much is the minimum monthly payment?
(A) The minimum monthly payment is $30 or 5% of your current account balance, whichever is greater until you have a zero balance.

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